The Support Services Division of the Unified Police Department provides critical and essential services through two specialized Units. The Division is staffed with a Captain, Sergeant, Unit Supervisor, and sixteen civilian employees. The Forensic Investigations Unit consists of a Sergeant and ten highly training civilian crime scene investigators who provide the highest quality of scientific analyses to the criminal justice system. These services include Forensic Photography, 3D Crime Scene Scanning, Fingerprint Identification, Evidence Collection, Forensic Microscopy for Trace Evidence, Cellphone Forensics, Serial Number Restoration, and Marijuana Analyses. Additionally, the Crime Scene Technicians are all certified phlebotomists to draw blood as needed for criminal investigations. The Unit maintains a robust student internship program to those enrolled in criminal justice curriculums. The Unit is also under contract to provided Forensic Services to the South Salt Lake Police Department.

The Property and Evidence Management Unit is responsible for processing all collected evidence, the security of personal and found property, and the purchase, storage, and dissemination of issued property to Unified Police employees. The Unit is staffed with a Unit Supervisor and six full time civilian employees and four part time employees. Approximately 39,000 items are received and/or disposed of on an annual basis. It is of critical importance the chain of custody is maintained for evidence to be admissible in court proceedings. The Unit also sees to the legal destruction of controlled substances from investigations and county wide drop boxes. The processes utilized in the Unit meets or exceeds all local and national evidence processing standards for items received and is nationally recognized by the International Association of Property and Evidence. The Unit has become known to be a model for other law enforcement agencies and thus currently contracts for evidence storage.


The UPD cannot provide fingerprinting services for I.N.S. purposes. Those individuals can contact US Immigration for such services at 646.233.3836. Also, the UPD does not provide fingerprinting services for Utah Driving Privilege Cards. Please contact the Utah Department of Public Safety - Driver License Division at 801.965.4437. Click here for more information

Support Services

Captain Kris Ownby