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Our officers also assist the Canyon Patrol units in responding to calls in nearby canyons, which include Emigration, Parley's, Millcreek, and Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons.We pride ourselves on community service, working closely with local community councils, and neighborhood groups to deliver the level of law enforcement they expect and deserve.

Patrol Operations

One chief, one lieutenant, and seven sergeants supervise the Millcreek Precinct. Thirty-one patrol officers, two full-time traffic officers, six detectives, two Community Oriented Policing (COP) officers, two School Resource officer, a victim advocate and one Secretary work within this jurisdiction.

Our team enjoys extensive law enforcement experience. Officers utilize their years of training and knowledge from previous assignments to help solve crimes, complete traffic investigations, and run a highly successful Community Oriented Policing program. Our functional diversity is a tremendous benefit to the varying communities in which we serve.

Our operations mission is a top priority in 2014. Surveys conducted continually rank traffic problems, speeding, drugs/alcohol and crime reduction as the priority concerns of this community. We focus intently on the prevention of traffic accidents and congestion, while aggressively enforcing speed compliance. This was accomplished by our commited traffic enforcement team. These experienced officers place educational "speed trailers" near trouble zones. These trailers use radar to remind drivers of their speeds, and work as an excellent speed-reducing tool, keeping our streets, pedestrians, and other drivers' safe. The traffic enforcement team also target traffic issues, such as school zone safety, red-light violations, aggressive drivers, and speed compliance.

The Millcreek officers engaged in pro-active patrol techniques that resulted in numerous arrests of suspects involved in continuous criminal activities. For example, working with our district detectives, they developed crime patterns of vehicle and residential burglars to solve crimes and put suspects in jail. Numerous drug investigations have resulted in arrests, assisting in removing illegal drugs from Millcreek streets.

Community Oriented Policing

Our main concept of Community Oriented Policing is "The Team". This team involves UPD officers and members of the community we serve.

We are very pro-active with our C.O.P. philosophy by working closely with citizens, business owners, schools and a myriad of other individuals and organizations. We work in conjunction with each other to obtain our goals and objectives in reducing crime and the fear of crime.

Millcreek C.O.P. officers provide, and get involved with, several programs for our citizens that help to create this teamwork atmosphere. These include Neighborhood Watch, Mobile Neighborhood Patrols, the officer friendly program and other crime prevention and safety programs. These committed members also work with zoning, code enforcement, adult parole and probation and a variety of other organizations.

Drugs and under age alcohol violations are among the top priorities with this unit. We actively enforce laws pertaining to these as well as provide programs and workshops for education and prevention. We maintain the EASY grant (Eliminating Alcohol Sales from Youth from the State of Utah and participate in "America Buckle Up" campaign. These programs are funded by the State and provide valuable resources to assist us with our goals.


We have found that decentralizing our property crimes detectives and having them assigned at the precinct level has worked well and paid dividends. It keeps everyone in the precinct working close and gives more accountability and ownership of assigned areas and cases. Moreover, the investigators are teamed with C.O.P. officers in specific areas, as a result of working together; they have solved numerous cases and been instrumental in preventing crime.

These officers collaborate together to work vice activity as well. With nine bars and clubs in Wasatch District, dealing with issues that arise, and providing enforcement can be challenging and resource intensive. However we are pleased to report our proactive approach and enforcement in these establishments are proceeding smoothly and efficiently.

All investigators are housed on the second floor of the Millcreek Precinct sub-station along with the C.O.P. officers. A full time civilian support staff member is also part of this team. We all enjoy working together as a cohesive group and are looking forward to the future, to implement ideas and strategies, to accomplish our goals of reducing crime and the fear of crime, to make our communities in Millcreek a safer and more enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

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