The mission of the Salt Lake Area Gang Project, also known as Metro Gang Unit, is to identify, reduce, and prevent criminal gang activity through public education and proactive enforcement in Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas. When appropriate, provide intelligence information and investigative assistance to outside law enforcement agencies.

Prevention and Education

Help For Gang Members And Their Families

The Salt Lake Area Gang Project is available to provide community education to any group or individual that wants to learn more about the issues effecting gang involvement.

  • Gang resistance training for youth
  • Gang education and awareness trainings for community groups, businesses, social service agencies and health professionals
  • Training for school and program personnel
  • Law enforcement specific training
  • Topical workshops for parents and guardians

More educational resources including brochures, posters and other media are available at:

Getting out of Gangs

We Can Help

Gang involvement quickly eliminates your choices. If you or your child has made the choice to join or become involved in a gang it may feel like there is no way out. Leaving a gang can be a long, complicated process and it can even be dangerous. There are many things to consider and the decision deserves serious discussion.

The good news is that no matter what your level of involvement, we are here to help. If you or someone you know needs help, please call 385.468.9773. If it is an emergency please dial 9-1-1.

The following are some ideas you can use to get out of a gang:

  • Never tell your gang you are planning to leave
  • Believe in yourself, you deserve better
  • Gradually stop dressing, talking and acting like a gangster
  • Make excuses to stay away from gang friends (Mom, School, Probation Officer, etc.)
  • Take a different route home from work or school
  • Change your number/lose your phone
  • Spend your time doing other things

More educational resources including brochures, posters and other media are available at:

Kids and Gangs - A Parent's Guide

The reasons why kids join a gang are varied and complex. Being able to recognize the warning signs of possible gang involvement is critical. Parents should look for any drastic changes in their child's behavior, including:

  • Using a different style of language
  • Associating with a different group of friends
  • Desiring a great deal of privacy
  • Acquiring new possessions without parent's knowledge
  • Dressing in gang affiliated clothing
  • Obsession with one color of clothing or logo
  • Claiming gang affiliation
  • Uses or practices hand signs
  • Peculiar drawings or language (may appear later as tattoos or brands)
  • Physical injury when child has no explanation or lies about the cause

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Governing Board

The Salt Lake Area Gang Project is administered by a Governing Board that is made up of police chiefs and administrative personnel from the agencies that participate in the Project including:

  • South Salt Lake Police Department
  • Granite School District Police Department
  • Saratoga Springs - Bluffdale Police Department
  • Unified Police Department
  • West Valley Police Department
  • Murray Police Department
  • Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office
  • United States Attorney's Office
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  • Unites States Marshals Service
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Department of Corrections
  • Adult Probation and Parole
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Juvenile Justice Services
  • West Jordan Police Department

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board is comprised of community members and leaders from the local school districts, courts, diversion programs, faith based groups, and non-profit agencies that are committed to provide gang prevention and education to our youth. The Board serves as a link between the Governing Board and the community. This board is responsible for providing community input, supporting constructive legislation, and working to resolve gang related problems in our community.

Gang Unit Personnel

A Unified Police Department lieutenant serves as the Project Director and is responsible for the daily operations of the Project. The Project’s personnel including sergeants, detectives, and civilian members are responsible for the following:

  • Suppression of gang activity
  • Follow-up work on gang-related cases
  • Collecting intelligence through contacts with gang members
  • Assisting local agencies with on-going investigations
  • Answering law enforcement inquiries about gang members
  • Providing presentations to community groups
  • Publishing a weekly, law enforcement only, newsletter
  • Coordinating community programs to prevent gang involvement


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Choose Gang Free
Gang Prevention For Parents

For additional information or help getting your child out of a gang. choosegangfree.com


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  • To report a crime or request to speak with a officer, call Dispatch at 801.840.4000. For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.

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