Multiple-Burglary Suspect Arrested

Published: 08-Dec-2011

A UPD detective was investigation a case that occurred in Millcreek on November 6th. As a result of her investigation she was able to learn the identity of the suspect and his vehicle. After issuing an "Attempt To Locate" to numerous agencies the suspect was taken into custody by the West Jordan Police. UPD detectives were able to get a full confession from the suspect to numerous burglaries including ones in Millcreek, Provo, Ogden and Orem.

While searching the suspects residence and vehicle ALL of the stolen property from all four agencies/locations was recovered. In total there was an estimated $12K to $15K in equipment recovered. The Suspect was booked into Utah County Jail as the majority of the equipment was from the Orem/Provo burglaries. This was an OUTSTANDING bit of police work by the UPD Detective and a great team effort to get this suspect captured and the property recovered.

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