SHOCAP Mission Statement

To identify the serious and/or habitual juvenile offenders in the community and through a coordinated case management system to improve public safety by holding these juveniles accountable, increasing supervision, and helping them become successful.

SHOCAP History

The Salt Lake County SHOCAP Project was initiated in July 1998 with the start up funding provided by the Commission on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. The Unified Police Department was established as the lead agency and facilitates the implementation of SHOCAP throughout Salt Lake County.

What is SHOCAP?

SHOCAP is an acronym which stands for Serious or Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program. SHOCAP is a cooperative effort to share information and resources between agencies working with serious or habitual juvenile offenders. SHOCAP enables these agencies to give additional focused attention to juveniles who repeatedly commit serious crimes by holding them immediately accountable for their actions and by helping them access the services they need to correct their behavior.

Serious Habitual Offenders as defined by SHOCAP

As defined by the Salt Lake County SHOCAP Project the term Serious Habitual Offender, abbreviated as SHO's, are those youth who have been adjudicated of multiple serious offenses or are chronic offenders in the juvenile justice system. These are the youth who continually drain the resources of the juvenile system by their continued delinquent behavior.

The Goals of the SHOCAP Project

1. Identify the serious or habitual offenders in the community.
2. Coordinate interagency resources to meet the needs of these juveniles.
3. Reduce juvenile repeat offenders.
4. Increase public safety.

Partners in the SHOCAP Project

Salt Lake, Granite, Murray, and Jordan School Districts; All local law enforcement agencies; Third District Juvenile Court Probation Division; Salt Lake County Youth Services; Division of Youth Corrections Region II; Valley Mental Health; Salt Lake County District Attorneys Office; and the Division of Child and Family Services.

Contact Information

Salt Lake County SHOCAP Project
3365 South 900 West
South Salt Lake City, Utah 84119
FAX: (801) 743-5880