Dispatch Services

The Unified Police Department’s Dispatch Center is a 24/7 365 day operation. Communications Division is the common thread that binds all divisions of the SL Co Sheriff’s Office and UPD together. Dispatch handles all the non-emergency and emergency calls for the Organizations as well as SL. Co. Animal Services. Most calls generated are reported and assigned through Dispatch.

Our Dispatchers are highly trained to handle any type of call whether it’s a non- emergency or an emergency. We train constantly and are certified to handle Police and Medical calls for service. Our Dispatchers are POST certified (Peace Officer Standards and Training) for Dispatching as well with IAEMD (International Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch), CPR, BCI (Bureau Criminal Identification) and much more. We also train along with the Officers in CIT and BOWMAC.

Dispatchers are involved in our UPD C.O.P. community events. They go out to events such as Night Out Against Crime, community block parties and safety fairs. While Dispatchers are out at the community events they get information to people about when to call us and what information we need. They explain the process of what happens after that call is made and sets the citizens at ease when they can put a face with a voice at the other end of the phone.

Dispatchers are the calming voice when you call in for help, as well as the reassuring voice on the other end of the radio that send our Officers into danger each shift and back home safely to their families. We are the life-line to our Citizens and Officers. Our Dispatchers are honored to take on the vital and crucial pursuit of Public Safety. We do this with utmost professionalism and with pride for being a valued member of the Unified Police Department.

The dispatch center is staffed by:

  • 47 Full-Time Dispatchers
  • 16 Part-time Dispatchers and Call Takers
  • 5 Dispatch Floor Supervisors
  • 1 Dispatch Training Coordinator
  • 1 Technical System Supervisor
  • 1 Dispatch Personnel Executive
  • 1 Lieutenant/ Division Commander