The Unified Police Department is actively involved in Riverton Community events to promote: Public security and safety, crime reduction and prevention, citizen awareness & community involvement.

Riverton City residents have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Unified Police Department (formerly the Sheriff's Office) for more than 30 years. The UPD has served as the City's Police Department since 1980. During this tenure its leadership and supervision shared responsibilities with the entire Southwest area in an effort to save some additional costs. But Riverton has grown tremendously over the years and recent growth required more strategic staffing.

Riverton City became a stand alone Precinct in August of 2007. Additional officers were added at this time and others have been added since. The Precinct is currently staffed at 31 full-time employees, and includes a School Resource Officer at Riverton High, Middle School Resource Officer a DARE Officer for the elementary schools.

On January 1, 2010 the Sheriff's Office law enforcement deputies transitioned into the newly formed Unified Police Department; the same officers, same great service, but new colors and branding. The benefit to you in the community is that the city no longer contracts with another municipal entity. Riverton City is now a member partner of the UPD. As such, the Mayor sits on the UPD Board and has direct oversight on important issues such as budget, policy and administration. This is an excellent model for effective policing, resource sharing, and cost-effective law enforcement that will serve citizens well into the future.

One of our major objectives is to build a model that is responsive to Riverton's specific needs and to truly provide all the same service that self providing could offer but with more resources and greater expertise at a better cost. With full service staffing we are able to be more involved at the community level in problem solving and other priority issues such as juvenile drug and alcohol problems. We are also working with City staff to coordinate and improve traffic safety efforts in our neighborhoods and on our thoroughfares.

We are working to build neighborhood networks through programs such as Neighborhood Watch, Lady Beware, Bicycle Safety & Rodeos, Citizen Police Academies, Stranger Danger, Internet Safety, Workplace Safety, and Business Alliances to name a few. If you are interested in receiving any of these programs or would like to participate in volunteer efforts, please contact us at the Precinct Headquarters

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Jason Adamson
Acting Chief of Police Services


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Riverton City residents have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office now Unified Police Department for more than 30 years. The Sheriff’s Office and UPD has served as the City’s Police Department since 1980.